Andy Murray withdrew from French Open

Andy Murray had to withdraw from the French Open on Tuesday, because he had a chronic back injury and he could no longer play right now. Andy Murray is now going to focus on recovering from his back injury, and preparing for the start of the grass-court season that will start next month. Andy Murray was meeting with specialists this week, after being forced to pull out of his second match of the Italian Open last week. Even though the French Open was a big deal, because it was the second Grand Slam tournament of the year, Andy Murray had to withdraw because of his injury.
Andy Murray has won the Olympic gold medal and beat Novak Djokovic at the U.S. Open last year for his Grand Slam title. He was hoping to get to the final of the French Open, but he now can’t play because of his back injury.

Spurs vs. Grizzlies

The San Antonio Spurs and Memphis Grizzlies are now playing in the Western Conference final of the NBA playoffs. The Spurs now have a 2-0 lead against the Grizzlies. The Spurs and Grizzlies had been tied at the end of the fourth quarter, so they went into overtime. Tim Duncan from the San Antonio Spurs took the lead and score six points at the beginning of the overtime leading to their 93-89 win against the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday.
The Memphis Grizzzlies have been starting off behind in all of the three playoff series so far. But they then improved and won the past series in order to come to the Western Conference finals and play the Spurs. So the Grizzlies still could be able to come back from their now 0-2 loosing streak against the San Antonio Spurs. The Grizzlies have a shot to come back up in their third game on Saturday in Memphis, so they have home court advantage.

Miami vs. Pacers

The Miami Het and Indiana Pacers are now playing in the eastern conference finals of the NBA. The game was very close and all came down to the last layup that Lebron made to win the game. The score had been going back and forth and was tied for most of the game. Miami Head and the Indiana Pacers were tied at the end of the game, so they had to go into overtime. And at the end of the overtime, Lebron James made the layup just in time before the clock ran out, which was the winning shot of the game for Miami Heat. Towards the end of their overtime, the two team had being tied and then they would foul each other to stop them from scoring. It went back and forth like this until the very last second of the game, when Lebron James scored the winning shot.
Miami Heat now have a 1-0 lead against the Indiana Pacers

College baseball players saved 1 year old

Seven baseball players from the Millersville Universtiy Marauders saved a one year old boy. The boy’s name was Braydin Norman. He had a 104 degreed fever, was suffering from a seizure, and was choking when the baseball players encountered the boy and his family. The father of the child, carried his child out of the car and was screaming for someone to help. When the baseball players saw them, one of them calmed down the mother, another performed CPR on the boy, and another one called 911. One of the baseball players checked the boy’s pulse while the other team members helped calm down the family. After several minutes of CPR, the boy started to open his eyes.
One of the baseball players left his bracelet on Braydin Normans’s wrist when before he went on the ambulance, so the family tracked down the team and came to their next game as fans. The family was forever grateful for those college baseball players saving their son’s life.

Patriots release Kyle Love

Just two weeks after being diagnosed with diabetes Kyle Love, a former defensive tackle, was released from the New England Patriots because it was a non-football injury. Love’s agent, Richard Kopelman, stated that they were dissapointed that the Patriots released them, and that there are several good professional athletes with diabetes that have successful careers in football, hockey, basebal, and basketball. Kyle Love was diagnosed with Type-2 diabetes which isn’t as difficult to manage than Type-1 diabetes, which some very successful professional athletes have.
Before being diagnosed with diabetes, Kyloe Love had been losing weight, but he is now on a better diet and is gaining weight back and he is now in good health. He was not in any way limited during the Patriots offseason practice and according to Pro Football Focus, among defensive tackle, Love was the 22nd most effective playr at his position in the league last year, but the Patriots still released him.

David Beckham retiring

David Beckham announced that he will be retiring from soccer at the end of this season. He is a 38 year old midfielder who is a huge celebrity and a very well known soccer player. At the beginning of his career he played with Manchester United and he also played for Real Madrid and the Los Angeles Galaxy, he won titles with all of these clubs. With Manchester United, Beckham won six Premier League titles, the Champions League, two FA Cups, and the Intercontinental Cup. After playing with Manchester United for 11 years, Beckham moved to Madrid for four years and won the Spanish title in 2007, he then moved to the Major League where he won the title twice.
Beckham has been planning for his post-playing career earlier in the season. He planned to become an ambassador for Chinese soccer. Beckham now lives in London with his wife Vitcoria, who was one of the Spice Girls singers, and with their four children.

Heat vs. Bulls

Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls were playing their second game in the Eastern Conference semi-finals of the NBA playoffs. For most of the first half, the score was really close. But in the second half the Chicago Bulls started getting many fouls and didn’t play very well. So the final score of the game was 115-78 for Miami Heat. This was the biggest post-season win for Heat and it was the biggest post-season loss for the Chicago Bulls. Throughout the whole game they had a total of nine technical fouls, two of which were for the Bulls and two ejections which were also for the Bulls. There was also a lot of pushing and shoving from both of the teams.
Even though the Chicago Bulls had a big loss, Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls are now tied 1-1 for the series. And their next game of the season is on friday in Chicago.